Identify Your Style.

Understanding your style will help us intelligently recommend clothes that suit your tastes, while tailoring content to your personal preferences.

Choose Fit Preference.

Every brand sizes differently, so we look at garments by the numbers. Fit preferences determine how tight or loose clothing fits on you.

Provide Measurements.

Your measurements allow us to be precise with our recommendations. We compare the data and only show you what fits. No more returns based on fit.

Shop by Fit.

Once registered, enjoy a personalized e-commerce experience tailored to you. Never worry about getting the wrong size again. Shop smart, Shop by Fit.

Shop by Fit Personalizes
Your E-Commerce.

With your measurements & style preferences, we’ll find your fit.

Personalized E-Commerce
Shop by Fit

Reduce Returns Because You Can.

Using your measurements, we significantly reduce the chances of buying the wrong size. No one has time for returns. #shopbyfit

Benefits of Shop by Fit.

Shop by Fit means getting you the right products in the right size. The wrong fit accounts for almost 50% of online clothing returns. Save the hassle and let Yetee try on clothes for you. With your measurements we can filter the clothes that match your personal preferences, making online shopping easier, faster, and hassle free. Shop great brands, and discover new ones with confidence. Reduce the need for returns and get what you expect. No more wrong sizes, or unexpected surprises. #shopbyfit


Fit Score
Arm Length.

Fit Score for Best Fit.

To determine fit, we’ve devised our own secret formula, but we call it a Fit Score. Fit Scores are calculated by cross-referencing clothing data with your measurements and fit preferences. Each garment receives a unique Fit Score that corresponds to you; the higher the score, the better the item will fit.

During registration, we provide 5 fit preferences for you to choose: Super Slim, Slim, Regular, Relaxed, and Baggy. These fit preferences are used to calculate Fit Score and act like a filter to find clothes made just the way you want.

Did You Know: The “Tee” in Yetee comes from the early fit research we conducted with the basic T-shirt.


Your Personal Style.

Start off registration by providing your style and fit preferences. This gives us the ability to personalize your experience.

Unique Physical Attributes.

Our bodies define what fits and what doesn’t. Your unique attributes help us understand your body.

Outfits For The Occasion.

Some of us dress one way for work, another way on the weekends, and another way for dates. Some of us don’t. These details help us determine your personal style.

Brands You Like.

Similar to what you wear, we want to know who you wear. Each brand you choose contributes to your style preferences.

Fit Preference.

Choose from Super Slim, Slim, Regular, Relaxed, or Baggy fit, and only see clothing recommendations based on your preference. This choice also determines the garment’s Fit Score. The higher the score, the better the fit.

Your Style Summary.

Once all of the above is complete, we provide a Style Summary that outlines your personal style. Defining style will help you maximize your wardrobe and keep your looks consistent.

Focus on Style

The Right Measures.

To Shop by Fit, it is important to get your measurements. For the best results, get a friend and a measuring tape. Measurements are key because all brands size their clothing differently. With your measurements we can comb through our inventory and identify the best fitting clothes, according to your fit preference. It’s as simple as that.


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