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Shop by Fit.

Helping Men of All Shapes.

As men, we know how it is when it comes to shopping. We want it easy, and we want it to be quick. But whether you love it or hate it, sizing will always be the beast that needs tackling. With all the clothing brands out there these days, there’s definitely a brand making clothes that fit you. Yetee aims to find you those brands by cross-referencing your personal measurements with our inventory clothing data. For the men who want a long-term streamlined experience, join today and Shop by Fit.


We Try On Clothes For You.

Shop by Fit means getting you the right size. The wrong fit accounts for almost 50% of online clothing returns. Make your e-commerce experience a little more efficient and let Yetee try on clothes for you. With your measurements, we can filter the clothes that match your personal preferences, making online shopping easier, faster, and hassle free. Shop great brands and discover new ones with confidence. Reduce the need for returns and get what you expect. No more wrong sizes, or unexpected surprises. #shopbyfit


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