Slide Fashion and Sustainability. This is what we are doing about it. Reduce Returns Based on Fit Using Shop by Fit Technology. Earth We Ship With Recyclable, Biodegradable, & Plant-Based Materials. We at Yetee are pushing to make e-commerce sustainable by evoking green initiatives in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. SUSTAINABILITY

Eco Friendly E-commerce.

The e-commerce experience hasn’t evolved much since it all started. However shopping habits and expectations have. The convenience of free and fast shipping is fostering bad habits. In extreme cases, some retailers have been known to incinerate returns to reduce costs. And now, over 60% of consumers bracket their purchases (buying mulitple sizes of an item, then returning what doesn’t fit). Burning goods, bracketing orders, unnecessary shipping and returns, all increase the carbon footprint of each transaction. Yetee minimize these issues by personalizing your e-commerce experience. Eliminate the need for returns and stop guessing your size. Shop by Fit with Yetee.


Benefits of Shop by Fit.

Yetee is creating a more sustainable fashion e-commerce model by integrating Shop by Fit to reduce returns. With your measurements and style preferences, we can be a little greener. Buying the wrong size accounts for almost 50% of online clothing returns. Not only does this multiply the carbon footprint of each transaction, it creates a butterfly effect on everything from manufacturing, inventory management, to logistics. Yetee can help you discover new brands and styles with confidence. Not only do we ship with recyclable and plant-based materials, reducing returns based on fit is a fundamental part of our business model.

Personalize and
Simplify E-Commerce Today, For Tomorrow.

With your measurements and style preferences, we make it easy.

Personalize Your E-Commerce
Shop by Fit

Reduce Returns Because You Can.

Using your measurements, we significantly reduce the chances of buying the wrong size. No one has time for returns. #shopbyfit

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